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Regulations on Student Status Management for International Undergraduates of China Three Gorges University (Revised)


第一章  总则

第一条  为了维护学校外国留学生正常的教学秩序,保证人才培养质量,根据《中华人民共和国教育法》、《中华人民共和国高等教育法》、《高等学校接受外国留学生管理规定》、《三峡大学本科生学籍管理规定》(三峡大教〔201023号)等文件精神,结合我校外国留学生教育管理工作实际,特制定本管理规定。

Chapter One General Principles

Item 1 In order to maintain the teaching order for International undergraduates, and assure the quality of fostering the talents, we especially carry out the specific regulations according to EDUCATION LAW OF PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, HIGHER EDUCATION LAW OF PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, REGULATIONS OF THE MANAGEMENT OF ACCEPTING FOREIGN STUDENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTES and REGULATIONS ON UNDERGRADUATE STATUS MANAGEMENT OF CHINA THREE GORGES UNIVERSITY (No. 23 [2010] of CTGU). According to the above, this regulation is especially made with the combination of the daily managements in International students.

第二条  本规定适用于具有我校正式学籍的外国留学生本科生、普通进修生。

Item 2 These rules are applied to the foreign undergraduate students and general visiting students who are formally admitted to our university. .


第二章      入学与注册

Chapter Two Entrance and Registration


第三条  按照相关规定被我校录取的外国留学生新生,须持三峡大学签发的《录取通知书》及普通护照、“X”或“F”字签证、《外国留学生来华签证申请表》(以下简称“JW20l表”或“JW 202表”)和体检表等相关文件的原件,按规定日期到三峡大学国际合作与交流处办理入学手续。

  Item 3 The new student should present Admission Approval Letter, signed by China Three Gorges University, his/her passport, X or F Visa, Application Form for Study in China (JW201 or JW202) and Physical Examination Document (original copy); Thereafter the student should register at the College of International Communication on time.

第四条  新生因故不能按期入学报到者,入校后应说明原因并办理补假手续。开学后1个月内不报到者,除因不可抗力(如地震、台风、洪水等)等正当事由以外,视为放弃入学资格。

Item 4 If the new student cannot register on time because of unexpected incidence, the student should explain the reason and do the leave procedure. If the student does not register within one month, except for irresistible reasons (such as earthquake, typhoon, flood and so on), his/her admission will be cancelled.

第五条  新生所持体检表和化验单原件,须经有关部门认证;未持相关体检材料原件者,须到指定的体检部门重新进行体检。认证合格者或体检合格者方可办理外国人居留许可手续;认证不合格者或体检不合格者,取消入学资格。

Item 5 The new student should present the physical examination document (original one) and the lab test results to the relevant bureau. If without relative original physical examination materials, he/she shall redo the physical examination at the designated bureau. The qualified student can proceed to acquire the foreigner residence permit. The admission of those who are unqualified or are unqualified in examination will be cancelled.

第六条  自费生应在入学报到后2周之内付清1个学期(学习期限为1个学期者)或1个学年(学习期限超过1个学期者)的学费、住宿费及其他相关费用后,方可予以注册,取得学籍。新生报到2周之内未办理注册手续者,按自动退学处理。

Item 6 When the self-supporting student registers, the student should pay the tuition and the accommodation fee within two weeks after registered for whose schooling length is just one or more than one semester. Students shall be registered and enrolled only after having paid all the tuition fees. Otherwise, the student will be automatically assumed as a voluntary withdrawal.

第七条  新生自入境之日起30日内持健康证明、护照、入学通知书、JW201表或JW202表到宜昌市公安局办理“外国人居留许可”。逾期不办理者,一切后果由学生本人负责。从国内其他院校转学来校的新生,须在抵达宜昌后10日以内,持护照、外国人居留许可、转学证明和我校录取通知书到宜昌市公安局办理相关手续。

Item 7 The new student should present to Yichang Public Bureau his/her health authentication, passport, admission approval letter, JW201 (or JW202) and handling charge to process the Foreign Residence Permit within 30 days after arriving in China. All the responsibilities caused by the above shall be taken by the student him/herself. The student from other college in China should present passport, Foreigner Residence Permit, school records from the other college, transfer authentication and admission approval letter of China Three Gorges University to Yichang Public Bureau to process the Foreign Residence Permit within 10 days after arriving in Yichang.

第八条  学生每学期应在规定的报到时间内持学生证到所在学院报到注册。因故不能如期注册者,必须说明原因并履行请假手续。

Item 8 The student should present the student card to register at the College at the beginning of each semester. If the student is unable to register in time, the student should fulfill the leave of absence procedure.

第九条  凡因休学、保留学籍或其它原因离校的学生,未经批准入学者不予注册。

Item 9 The student, who is suspended or holds the student status or leaves with some reason, shouldn’t register without permission.

第十条  未经请假或虽请假但逾期10个工作日不报到或未办理有关暂缓注册手续者,以旷课论处;逾期2周不注册者,按自动退学处理。

Item 10 The student who does not take a leave of absence or take a leave but overdue 10 days will be penalized as a truant. If its duration exceeds 2 weeks, the student will be automatically assumed as a voluntary withdrawal.

第十一条  学生需选修其它课程者,须在开学后1周内到国际合作与交流处报名登记。报请相关学院统一安排选修,每门课报名者达到一定人数方可单独开班上课。

Item 11 If the student wants to choose other subjects, he/she should register in the first week at the College of International Communication . If there are not enough students to choose the course, the class will not open.

第三章      学习纪律

Chapter Three Study Discipline

第十二条  学生应按照学校的教学安排,认真完成每门课程的各个教学环节,参加学校规定的各项活动。

Item 12 The student should follow the teaching plan, finish the teaching link of each discipline earnestly, take part in specified school activities.

第十三条  学生上课时应遵守课堂纪律,认真听课,不得迟到、早退,未经教师同意,不得擅自离开教室。

Item 13 The student should abide by the class discipline, study earnestly, do not arrive late, leave early or leave class without permission.

   第十四条 考勤情况是学生学习成绩评定的组成部分之一,计入学生平时考核成绩中。1个学期内缺课累计超过该门课程教学时数30%的,学校将取消其期末考试资格,只能参加该门课程的补考。

   Item 14 The attendance is a part of evaluation of student academic performance, included into the usual assessment results. If the absence of class in one semester totaled up to over 30 percent of teaching hours, the school will cancel his or her test qualification, only can he or she take resit of this course.

第十五条 学生请事假、病假须按要求办理书面请假手续(病假须持医生出具的诊断证明)上课期间逢留学生本国一般节假日,学校不放假,照常上课。

   Item 15 If the student is sick or on personal affairs, the student should submit a leave paper (for a sick leave, the student should submit the certificate by the doctor). The student should attend his/her class, even if the student meets his/her own countries festival day (s) during the term period.

第十六条 请假、审批及销假程序:

   Item 16 The procedure of leave, approval and resumption


(1) The foreign student can apply a leave directly at his/her college by filling up a leave application.


(2) Asking a leave for other business: A leave of one day should be approved by the teacher in charge of the class; A leave of not more than one week but not less than one day should be approved by the staff in charge of foreign students affairs in his/her college or departmentA leave longer than one week should be approved by the head in charge of foreign student affairs at his/her college or department.


The student’s own college should seal and keep the leave application, submit the leave application to the College of International Communication for records.


    If the student has to go back to his/her own country, the student should present his/her leave application to apply for a return visa and staying at the Department of International Relations.


    The student should report back when coming back. If the student does not come back within the limited time as well as not inform the college, the student shall be treated as a truant.

第十七条 未经请假或请假未获批准而缺课者或请假逾期者,作旷课论处。1个学期内旷课累计达一定学时数者,按学校有关规定给予相应处分。

   Item 17 The student who is absent from school without permission shall be penalized as a truant. The student whose absences exceed at a given period in one semester will get corresponding punishment based on the relevant rules of school.

第四章      课程考核与成绩记载

Chapter Four Course Test and Score

第十八条  学生所修读的课程均须进行考核。考核成绩载入学生成绩登记表,归入本人档案,作为学生学籍异动和毕业的依据。

Item 18 The student should take the required tests and their scores shall be recorded in the student documents, which will be used as the basis of registration change and graduation.

    第十九条 课程考核分考试和考查两种方式。考试课程的考核可采取闭卷、开卷、口试、笔试等多种形式,其成绩评定由期末考试(或课程结束考试)成绩和平时成绩构成。平时成绩的确定以各阶段检查结果为依据。平时成绩占课程成绩的比例因课程性质而异,一般控制在30%—50%,包括完成实验、实习、课外作业、习题课、课堂讨论、期中考试、平时测验成绩及考勤等。考查课一般不进行正式的期末考试或课程结束考试,其考核成绩可根据学生学习态度、出勤情况、平时提问、作业、小测验、实验报告、课程论文、实际操作等成绩综合确定。考查课程的考核应在每学期停课前完成。平时考核成绩不及格,不能参加该课程本学期的最后考核。

Item 19 The course tests include classroom examinations and non-exam tests. The tests may be in the form of close-book or open-book. They may be in the written, oral or other form, the evaluation is made up of the final exam (or the end of course exam) and regular grades. The daily performance based on inspection results of each stage, according to the nature of curriculum, the proportion of regular grades accounted for the course grade are different, it takes about 30-50%. The daily performance includes labs, field works, extracurricular activities, class discussion, class quiz and class attendance. The test class generally has no official final examinations (or the end of course exam), the evaluation should be base on the student’s study attitude, absence, active performance in class, homework, quiz, test report, course work and practical operation. The evaluation of the test class should be completed before the suspension in each semester. The student cannot take the semester final examination of this course if he/she failed the regular grade.

第二十条 课程考核成绩采取百分制、五级制或两级制记分。Item 20 The evaluation of curriculum assessment adopt percentage system, five-grade system and two level system

















< 60






Hundred-mark System

Five-scoring System

Two-scoring System
















< 60







第二十一条  按照本学籍管理规定第二十五条之规定办理了缓考审批手续的学生,登记成绩时,应注明“缓考”字样。无故缺考或请假未获批准不参加考试或参加考试不交试卷者,即为旷考。登记成绩时,应注明“旷考”字样,该课程成绩以零分计。

Item 21 The student who goes through the postponement procedure, according to Item 25 of the Rules should mark “Postponement” while registering results. The student who is absence for no reason or take a leave without permission and not taking the exam or not handing over the exam papers will be regarded as absent. His/her result should be marked “Absent” and recorded as “0”.    

Item 22补考不计平时成绩,补考成绩“60”分或“及格”及以上只记“60”分或“及格”,不记实际成绩;“60”分或“及格”以下记录实际成绩,并注明“补考”字样。

Item 22 Regular grades are not included in the re-exam, 60 points and more or “Pass” will be marked as “60” or “Pass” instead of actual results; while below 60 points or “Fail” will record the specific points and mark “Re-exam”.

第二十三条  学生考试违规、考试作弊者,按《三峡大学外国留学生考试违纪处理办法》(三峡大外〔201149号)执行。

Item 23 The student who break out the rule or cheat in the exam will be punished according to Implementing Measures for Foreign Students Punishment of China Three Gorges University (No.[2011]49 of CTGU).

第二十四条  课程考核成绩评定后,由学院通过适当方式向学生公布。学生如对考试成绩有异议,应在考试成绩公布后新学期开学1周内向学院提出书面查卷申请。

Item 24 The College will release the curriculum examination results to students after evaluation. If students have some questions about the results after the announcement, they should file an application for checking the papers within a week in the new semester

第五章 缓考、补考、重新学习与重考

Chapter Five Postponement, Re-exam, Re-learn and Re-sit

第二十五条  学生因病或其他原因不能参加期末考试时,必须在考前持书面缓考申请(因病须附校医院或指定医院诊断证明)到所在学院教学办公室申请缓考,经批准后方能缓考。缓考与该门课程补考同堂、同卷进行,并按正常考试评定成绩。未参加当次补考者视为自动放弃,必须重新学习该门课程。

    Item 25 The student, who cannot sit in the final examination, should present the application for the postponement of the exam to the faculty (the sickness leave should be proved by university hospital or the appointed hospital), and the application can only take effect after being approved. Students should take the exam with the students who take part in the re-exam at the same time, with the same papers, and students will be graded as regular exam. If the student can not take re-exam, he/she will be regarded as giving up the postponement automatically and he/she must retake the class.

第二十六条  对于期末考试不及格者,给予1次补考机会。补考仍不及格者,必须重新学习该门课程。被认定为考试违规、考试作弊的学生,不能参加该门课程的正常补考,须重新学习该门课程。

Item 26 The student who failed in the final exam can get another chance, if fails, he/she must re-study the course. The student who was identified as cheating or breaking the rules in the exam, he/she must re-study the course instead of taking the ordinary re-exam.

第二十七条  补考和重新学习均须按规定缴纳一定费用。

Item 27 Re-exam and Re-study should be charged according to the rules.

第二十八条  重考是指考核成绩及格,但未达到学生本人的理想成绩,经学生本人申请,获得批准后可以再参加1次考试。重考与下一年级学生期末考试同堂、同卷进行。

Item 28 Re-sit aims at the student who passes the exam, but is not satisfied with the result, he/she can take another exam after he/she applied and being approved. Re-sit will be held with the next grade at the same time and with the same papers.

第六章 转学与转专业

Chapter Six School Transfer and Major Change

第二十九条  留学生入学后一般不得转学。如因特殊原因必须转学者,须提交书面申请,按退学处理。

Item 29 Generally, foreign students cannot transfer to another school. If they have special reasons for transferring, they should submit a written application and then they will be regarded as dropping out.  

第三十条  学生转入我校办理转学手续的程序:







Item 30 Registration procedures for foreign students into our school

1. Submit the following materials to the Department of International Relations.

1) The school transfer certificate from the original school;

2) The transcript from the original school

3) Application form for overseas students studying in China Three Gorges University

4) Copy of the passport

5Copy of the Health Certificate and Financial Certificate are needed if the students need to study here for more than six months


   2. Relevant colleges should accept the students according to the situation of their courses and performances; enroll registered students in corresponding classes, and distribute student ID.


   3. Report to Hubei educational and foreign administration department.


   4. Pay the relevant fees in accordance with the expense standard of the major.

第三十一条 留学生入学后可以转专业。转专业者须填写《三峡大学留学生学籍异动申请表》,并经转出、转入学院及国际合作与交流处批准方可转专业。转专业后,执行转入年级的人才培养方案,并按该生所在年级学费标准交纳学费。学生根据规定办理转专业手续后,其在原专业已获得的、与即将转入专业教学计划相吻合的课程成绩和学分予以承认。

Item 31 International students are allowed to transfer their majors after they are enrolled in the university. International students who would like to transfer majors are expected to fill out the Approval Form for International Student’s Enrollment Status Shift and the forms are required to be approved by all the relevant leaders from the original college, the new college and Department of International Relations. After being enrolled into the study of the new major in the new college, the international student is supposed to be cultivated by the curriculum of the new major and pay the tuition according to the tuition standard of his or her corresponding grade. After going through the formalities of major changing procedures under the rules, the student’s academic performance and the course credits of original major will be recognized if they go with the teaching plan of transferring major.

第三十二条  外国留学生有下列情况之一者,原则上不予转专业:

Item 32 the foreign students who have any of the following circumstances will not be allowed to transfer major:


     1) New students who are in the school less than one semester;


      2) Junior students or above;


      3) The student who should be dropped out or expelled


      4) Without justifiable reasons.


第七章  休学与复学

    Chapter Seven Suspension of Schooling and Resume Study

第三十三条  学生有下列情况之一者,应予休学:

Item 33 The students who have any of the following circumstances may be allowed for suspension of schooling:




1) Necessity of a medical treatment in the absence of classes (more than one third of the term) requested by an authorized hospital.

2) Personal affairs which require the absence of classes (one third of the term).

3) Some other reasons which are permitted by the university.

第三十四条  休学日期从办妥手续之日算起,学生休学一般以1个学年为限(因病经学校批准,可连续休学2个学年),超过批准的休学期限如需继续休学者应在休学学期结束前重新办理休学手续,否则按第四十三条第(四)款处理。在校休学不得超过2个学年。

Item 34 From the day of completing the formalities, the period for suspension of schooling is one year (if permitted by the university, the student may have two continuous years of sick absence), if it exceeds one year and needs to prolong the time, the student should re-register before the ending of absence semester, or he/she will be disposed according to the No 4 rule of Item 43. The period of suspension of schooling cannot be over two schooling years.  

第三十五条  休学学生的有关问题,按照下列规定办理:


Item 35 Related issues of deferred students will be disposed according to the following rules:

1) The deferred students should fill in the Application Form of Transfer Information of Foreign Students of China Three Gorges University; for the students who need leaves of absence due to illness should also provide diagnosis certificate; and for those who need leaves of absence for other reasons should also get endorsement from guardian, college signed opinions and approval agreement from the Department of International Relations.


2Once a student obtains the approval of a leave of absence, they should return to his/her own country as soon as possible.


3) The students cannot get any student welfare during their period of leave.


4) The students cannot go back to school to attend classes or take exams.

第三十六条  休学学生必须于批准休学后10个工作日内到学校有关部门办理休学手续。由相关部门发给休学证明,并须按时离校。

Item 36 The deferred students must go through procedures after the approval within 10 workdays. The relevant department shall distribute the certification and the students should leave school on time.

第三十七条  休学学生复学按下列规定办理:

Item 37 Returning to school will be disposed under the following rules:


     1) When suspension is expired, the students should file a petition of reentry according to the schedule time, when it is agreed upon by the college and permitted by the Department of International Relations, they can follow the return procedure. The students who leave for being sick should submit the health authentication to apply for reentry.


      2) The reentry students should be incorporated into the original major under the next grade, and pay the relevant fees according to the reentry grade standard.

 第八章  学习期限、留级与退学

Chapter Eight Period of Schooling, Repetition and Withdrawal

第三十八条  学生在校学习期限根据各专业的人才培养方案而定,本科生标准学制为4年至6年。学生在校期间根据自身学习能力和学习条件等情况,可以按相应规定缩短或延长学习期限。本科生最长修业年限(含留级、休学等)不得超过8年(临床医学不超过10年)。

Item 38 The school learning period is determined by the teaching plans of different majors; the standard of undergraduate school-length is 4 to 6 years. While at school students can shorten or extend the period of schooling according to their ability and learning conditions. The longest length of schooling of undergraduate (including repetition, suspending etc.) shall not exceed 8 years (no more than 10 years of clinical medicine).

第三十九条  学生有下列情形之一者均可申请延长学习期限:

Item 39 The student, who is subject to one of the following cases, can apply for an extended length of study:


1) The student who has not fully obtained the required credits and not qualified for withdrawal.


2) The student who has not passed his/her thesis or finished the graduation practice.


3) The student who has applied for the second major or double degrees, but hasn’t finished the requirements of teaching plans.

第四十条 申请延长学习期限应填写《三峡大学延长学习期限审批表》,经所在学院同意,国际合作与交流处审批后执行。每年510日之前集中办理学生延长学习期限的手续,并以学期为单位申请。

Item 40 The student who wants to apply for an extension of school term should fill the form—“approval form for CTGU students to extend the terms of study”, and then carry out with the approval of the relevant college and the Department of International Relations. The students should apply for it each term, and the applications will be dealt before May 10th every year.

第四十一条  对于延长学习期限(不含由于休学而延长学习期限)者,学校按有关规定对延长学习期限的学习阶段收取教育资源补偿费用。

Item 41 Those who have applied for an extension of school term (excluding suspension of schooling), should pay the educational compensation.

第四十二条  学生有下列情形之一者,应予留级:

Item 42 The student who is subject to any of the followings should repeat the year:


1) In each school year, if the accumulated number of failed courses amounts to 30% of the total courses which include all the courses in previous terms after the make-up examinations, or after finishing the basic parts (in the previous two years) of the courses, the failed courses amounts to 25% of the total courses which are required in the teaching plan for all the schooling years, the students will be given an academic warning, and have to go through formalities of repeating the grade. The demotion procedures will be made and carried out in every September after the publishing of the make-up exams results.

() 学生自愿申请留级。

2) The students apply for repeating the schooling year willingly.

第四十三条  学生有下列情形之一者,应予退学:

Item 43 The students who have any of the followings should leave school:


1) Reach the standards of repeating the school year twice in a same grade, or reach the standards three times in total;


2The study period(including studying at home or abroad) has exceeded the longest length of study (including repetition, suspension, extended learning time, etc.);


3Students who are diagnosed by designated hospitals as serious diseases like mental illness, epilepsy, leprosy, venereal disease and AIDS or  accidental dismemberment, and cannot continue to study in the school;


4The student who has not processed a return to school when his/her leave of absence expires or his/her health check is not passed;


5The student who has exceeded the school registration deadline without reasonable reasons.


6The student who has not participated in the prescribed teaching activities for consecutive two weeks without asking for a leave;


7The student who applied for withdrawal


8Ordinary students asking for a leave, and the cumulative time being up to more than one month in one semester;


9 Undergraduate students asking for a leave ( the cumulative time being up to more than one third of the term) and not applying for a leave of absence;


10Other reasons for unable to keep the normal learning.


10) Dropping out of the school according to above regulations will not be regarded as a punishment.

第四十四条  学生退学处理须经学院签署意见后,经国际合作与交流处审核,报请学校审批决定并发文。

Item 44 applications for leaving school should be signed by college, approved by the Department of International Relations, and reported to the university, and then the relevant documents will be issued.

第四十五条  学生退学的有关事宜,按下列规定办理:

Item 45 The related issues of dropping out will be disposed under the following rules:


      1) The school shall provide a written decision and send to the student, as well as present it to the Hubei Educational Department, Public Security Organs and dropouts country embassy in China for record; the written decision which cannot be delivered will take effect after the announcement by the university.


      2) Students who applying for leaving school for being sick or disabled will be taking back by their guardian.


      3) Students who applying for leaving school should complete the leaving procedures within 10 workdays after receiving the admission.

 第九章  毕业、结业与肄业

Chapter Nine Graduation, Completion and Incompletion of Schooling

第四十六条  具有我校学籍的学生,在本条例允许的修业期内修满相关专业人才培养方案规定的各类课程,获得规定的各类学分和总学分后,准予毕业,学校发给毕业证书。符合学位授予条件者,学校授予相应学位证书。

Item 46 Enrolled students are granted the graduation certificate upon the completion of stipulated credit courses which are required in the Individual Development Programs during the allowed study period. Degree Certificate will be granted to qualified students by the university.  

第四十七条  学生在未达到最高修业年限的情况下,在标准学制内未修完人才培养方案规定的内容,应提出申请延长学习期限,未按规定提出申请者按结业处理。

Item 47 Students, if not exceeding the maximum length of schooling, should apply for a Study Period Extension upon the incompletion of stipulated credit courses which are required in the Individual Development Programs during the standard length of schooling. Students who fail to file an application will only be granted Completion of Schooling.

第四十八条  学生修完人才培养方案规定的内容,未达到毕业要求,在未达到最高修业年限的情况下可选择结业或申请延长学习期限。学生选择结业,由学校发给结业证书,不再换发毕业证书。

Item 48 Students who have completed the stipulated courses of Individual Development Programs but failed to meet the graduation requirements, if not exceeding the maximum length of schooling, could choose Completion of Schooling or Application for Study Period Extension. Students who choose Completion of Schooling will be granted the Completion Certificate instead of Graduation Certificate.

第四十九条 学生选择延长学习期限,执行该生延长学习期限后所在年级的人才培养方案,并按该年级学费标准交纳学费。

Item 49 Students who choose Application for Study Period Extension should follow the Individual Development Programs of the grade they are in and pay the according tuition fees.

第五十条  按本学籍管理规定第四十三条之规定必须退学的学生,学校可出具学习证明。

Item 50 Students who must discontinue their schooling according to the Item 43 could ask for a Study Document provided by the university.

第五十一条  学校严格按招生时确定的办学类型和学习形式,填写、颁发学历证书、学位证书。

Item 51 The University will strictly fill and issue the academic certificate and diploma in accordance with certain school type and study form which are determined at the time of enrollment.

第五十二条  学校执行高等教育学历证书电子注册管理制度,按规定及时将颁发的毕(结)业证书信息报送相关部门并按教育部要求进行电子注册。

Item 52 The University follows electronic registration management system of higher education diploma, timely submitting the information of Graduation Certificate or Completion Certificate to relevant departments and finishing the electronic registration according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of China .

第五十三条  对违反国家招生规定入学者,学校不予发给学历证书、学位证书;已发的学历证书、学位证书,学校将予以追回并报上级行政主管部门宣布证书无效。

Item 53 Students who violate the regulations of national enrollment will not be granted Academic Certificate and Degree Certificate; any already granted Academic Certificate and Degree Certificate will be claimed back by the university and nullified by the upper administration.

第五十四条  毕业、结业、肄业证书和学位证书遗失或者损坏,经本人申请,国际合作与交流处核实后,发给相应证明书。证明书与原证书具有同等效力。

Item 54 If Graduation Certificate, Completion Certificate and Incompletion Certificate and Degree Certificate are missing or damaged as the holders apply, Supporting Documents with equal effect will be issued upon the verification of Department of International Relations.


第十章      教学管理及汉语学习

Chapter Ten Teaching Management and Study of Chinese Language

第五十五条  汉语和中国概况应作为接受学历教育的外国留学生的必修课;政治理论应当作为学习哲学、政治学和经济学类专业的外国留学生的必修课,其他专业的外国留学生可以申请免修。

Item 55 Chinese Language and An Outline Introduction to China are compulsory courses to international students who receive degree education; Political Theories is a required course to international students who major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, but other students could apply to be excused from it.

第五十六条  汉语为学校培养外国留学生的基本教学语言。对汉语水平达不到专业学习要求的外国留学生,学校提供必要的汉语补习条件。

Item 56 Chinese Language is the common teaching language for international students. Students who cannot meet the language requirements will be provided with necessary Chinese Language training courses.

第五十七条  学校根据条件为外国留学生开设使用英语等其他外国语言进行教学的专业课程。使用外语接受专业学习的外国留学生,毕业论文摘要应当用汉语撰写。

Item 57 International students are provided with professional courses which are taught in English Language and other foreign languages. International students who take courses taught in foreign languages should write a Chinese Language abstract of their graduation theses.

第五十八条  接受英语及其他外国语言进行专业课程教学的外国留学生,必须通过旧汉语水平考试三级(旧HSK-3)或新汉语水平考试四级(新HSK-4),方能毕业。

Item 58 International students who take courses taught in English Language and other foreign languages should reach Level 3 of the previous Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (previous HSK-3) or Level 4 of the new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (new HSK-4) for graduation.

第五十九条 接受汉语进行专业课程教学的外国留学生,须通过新汉语水平考试六级(新HSK-6)或通过新汉语水平考试五级(新HSK-5)并通过面试,方可进入专业课学习。

Item 59 International students who take courses taught in Chinese Language should reach Level 6 of the new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (new HSK-6) or Level 5 of the new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (new HSK-5) as well as its required level of interview for the permission to professional study.

第六十条  临床医学专业外国留学生必须通过旧汉语水平考试三级(旧HSK-3)或新汉语水平考试四级(新HSK-4),方准许进入临床见习阶段的专业学习;应届学生如果未达到上述要求,应重修汉语语言课程(留级),达到相应汉语水平之后,方能进入临床见习阶段的专业学习。

Item 60 International students who major in Clinical Medicine should reach Level 3 of the previous Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (previous HSK-3) or Level 4 of the new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (new HSK-4) for the permission to professional study of clinical practice; students of current year who fail to meet the requirements above should retake the course of Chinese Language to reach a relevant level of Chinese Language for the permission to professional study of clinical practice.

第六十一条  在中华人民共和国境内进行毕业实习的临床医学专业外国留学生必须通过旧汉语水平考试六级(旧HSK-6)或新汉语水平考试五级(新HSK-5),方准许进入临床实习阶段。

Item 61 International students majoring in Clinical Medicine who will start their internship in the People’s Republic of China should reach Level 6 of the previous Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (previous HSK-6) or Level 5 of the new Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (new HSK-4) for the permission to clinical internship.


第十一章 附则

Chapter Eleven Supplementary

第六十二条  其它未尽事宜,结合我校实际情况,参照学校有关规定执行。

Item 62 What has not been mentioned above should follow the actual situations and relevant regulations of the university.

第六十三条  本规定自发文之日起施行,由国际合作与交流处负责解释。原《三峡大学外国留学生学籍管理规定(修订稿)》(三峡大外〔20089 号)同时废止。

Item 63 The regulations take effect at the issuing date and the Department of International Relations is responsible for any explanation. Supplement Rules to Foreign Students Academic Management Implementation ( [2008]No.9) will be abolished.